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Energy Fact Book, 2023-2024: Key energy, economic, and environmental indicators

Our nation's prosperity and competitiveness are tied to achieving a successful transition to a low carbon future. Economic and environmental indicators are key to understanding energy's contribution to sustainable economic growth.

Learn more about key energy, economic, and environmental indicators in Canada in Section 1 of the Energy Fact Book including:

  • Energy production and supply
  • Economic contributions
  • Energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Key facts

  • In 2022, Canada's energy sector directly employed 290,300 people and indirectly supported over 405,800 jobs.
  • Canada's energy sector accounted for approximately 11.8% of nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2022.
  • Energy exports worth $240.5 billion were sent to 133 countries, with the United States accounting for 90%. Meanwhile, Canada imported $65.3 billion of energy in 2022.
  • Government revenues coming from enterprises in the energy sector averaged $12.3 billion from 2017-2021.
  • Canada is the sixth largest energy producer in the world.

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