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Dataflow for Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with tourism, by product

For additional information on how to extract data and metadata, please consult the Canadian Centre for Energy Information Web Data Service User Guide.

The key for this dataflow (DF_38100141) contains the following four dimensions, in order:

  • Frequency – constant, set to "OA" = "Occasional annual";
  • Geography – constant, set to "1" = "Canada";
  • Physical flow – codelist "CL_38100141_DIM2";
  • Products – codelist "CL_38100141_DIM3".


1. Retrieve the latest version in production of the CL_38100141_DIM3 codelist.

2. Retrieve all of the related metadata for the DF_38100141 dataflow.

3. Retrieve all the data (Canada / All physical flows / All products) for the DF_38100141 dataflow.,DF_38100141/

4. Retrieve the products data for Vehicle fuels (Canada / All physical flows) for the DF_38100141 dataflow.,DF_38100141/OA...11